About me

Hi, I’m Jamie!

I set up this blog as a place to dump interesting stuff I come across when coding. But hey, this is an about page, so let’s pretend you’re interested in me…

I’m an English/Maltese software engineer who lives in the Netherlands with his fiancée and three Australian Shepherds. I moved here from England some years ago and have been struggling to learn the language ever since.

I’m currently working remotely at OnTheGoSystems on Rails applications supporting WPML.

I’m primarily a Ruby developer these days; I’ve yet to find a more expressive language, but Go and Crystal have my interest piqued.

I’m big on the CLI and vim, and love exploring tools that may increase my productivity or reduce friction. I’ve spent countless hours tweaking my dotfiles as a result.

When I’m not at the computer I’m playing with the puppy, dying in video games, learning electric guitar, and always have a couple of DIY projects on the go.

I love music and like to support real artists. I’ll listen to anything that’s good and honest — from downtempo and DnB to psychedelic rock and progressive metal.