About me

Hi, I’m (obviously) Jamie!

I set up this blog mostly as a place to dump interesting stuff I come across when coding. It’s early days, but you’ll probably see some stuff about Ruby, vim, command line tools and productivity.

But hey, this is an about page, so let’s pretend you have a smidgeon of interest in who I am…

I’m an English developer who lives in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and two Australian Shepherds. I ended up here because I met the lady some thirteen years ago in a little MMORPG named Ragnarok Online, and eventually decided to move over. Everything turned out swell.

I work at Lico Innovations alongside a bunch of great people from whom I’ve learnt so much. We’re a development agency primarily working in Ruby on Rails, with the occasional Phoenix/Elixir project and the odd PHP thing coming our way.

I’m primarily a Ruby developer these days; I’ve yet to find a more expressive language. I’m currently trying to get up to speed in modern JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue. I’d love to learn more about Golang, but there’s just so much to do.

I’m big on vim and tmux, and love exploring tools that may increase my productivity. I’ve spent countless hours tweaking my dotfiles, because I’m nerdy like that.

I ran Archlinux as my primary OS as a teenager, but these days I prefer something that just works, so I favour Mac OS.

My spare time consists of video games, DIY, a futile attempt to get into woodworking, an even more futile attempt at running, and making an initial commit on various side-projects before I forget about them.

I love music and like to support real artists. I’ll listen to anything that’s good, but mostly gravitate towards progressive, psychedelic, stoner, and experimental rock.

I think that’s pretty much all there is to me. I’m not that interesting!